Campfire Cooking Recipes


The campsite is one of the best things to enjoy outside. You can use the campfire to cook various things that are at your disposal apart to cook using the campfire. Campfire recipe can be made if you happen to have few ingredients and equipment with you. The first and most important food to cook using campfire is corn and the cob. You will be required to use a tin foil to cook this type of food. The corn is wrapped in the tin foil and then covered and place on the hot coals. You will be required to use a pair of tongs to avoid any form of injury that may come when are cooking using the campfire. You should take precautions to prevent such injuries especially when you are grabbing the utensil that is used to cook since it becomes hotter and hotter when cooking. You will be then required to add salt to taste as well as pepper to the corn.

Additionally, you can decide to use iron equipment for cooking such as Dutch oven. A god and flexible recipe from can be prepared over a campfire, and that is soup. When you go for camping outside especially during the cold months, soup is used for it will make you remain warm even when the cold is too much. Different types of soup can be made using a campfire, and some of them include the vegetable soup that is cooked using potatoes, celery, carrots, and onions.  A Lot of ingredients are added to make the soup to taste delicious, and you have to add all the ingredients recommended if you want to enjoy your soup.

The procedure that is used to cook the soup includes filling the Dutch oven half full using the vegetable or even using the chicken broth. You can make the broth using bullion cubes and water. The next thing to do is to chop your vegetables in small sizes and put them into the soup. If you desire to have a good taste of your soup, you can add some herbs such as parsley and then add your salt as well as pepper. Visit this website at and know more about cooking.

Place the oven over the fire and then allow it to sit on the fire for half an hour. You will be required to check your soup after a while to avoid overcooking it. Campfire is the best type of fire to cook different types of recipe from .